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BetVision is a trusted online casino in Singapore  that will provide you with the most exciting online gaming products online. Equipped with the best providers from around the globe, BetVision is ready to take on your needs all the time! From sports betting, fishing, slots, and many more, varieties are available at BetVision just for you!

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Originating from Europe, BetVision has been at the forefront of the online gaming scene for the past decade. We are certified and governed by the most trusted online gambling bodies from around the globe. Your trust is the main factor in making BetVision a brand worthy of praise. Extending our services in Asia has ensured us the quality is the same as with its EU counterparts. We have specifically created a pool of options catered to the Asian palate. 

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Trusted Online Casino Singapore

Online Casinos in Singapore have been around for a very long time, making them engrained in the minds of people. It also came hand in hand with the development of everything, from the traditional casino games, up to the online live casino versions we have today. However, many things surrounding the online casino are still being questioned by many today. Here are some things that a lot of people tend to ask when they are trying to get in the online version.

To play at an online casino in Singapore, there are many things to be considered. If you are looking for ways on “how can I play casino online” read through our article to find out as well ” What is the best and safest online casino “.

With many online casinos in Singapore trying to scam people for money, people are on the lookout for an online casino in Singapore that would give them the real winnings. But what do people need to look for the best online casino in Singapore if they are trying to win? Here are some of the things we have checked to make sure that you are in the know when looking out for an online casino in Singapore that gives real money.

  1. Reviews – Many legitimate online casinos tend to have proper reviews under their belt. There are also independent websites that give out short reviews on what a specific website has to offer to their services. This helps players to get an insight into what an online casino in Singapore has to offer.
  2. Safety and Security – Is the website secure? Is it proper looking? Does it have the security measures in place to have your account secure from hackers? And lastly, does it have a gambling license by legitimate governing bodies? If so, that website is sure to give out real money winnings.
  3. Customer Support or Service – A proper online casino in Singapore has a well-rounded and amazing customer service to back up their high-quality performance. Without proper customer service support, an online casino in Singapore would crumble down. Be sure that it responds in a very timely manner.
  4. Depositing and Withdrawing Funds – When making a drastic decision regarding making deposits and withdrawals make sure that the account has proper banking channels that make things work on their side.

Of course, this question also comes around when you are looking for online casinos. Legitimate and big-time casinos allow players to win money whenever they are playing. However, two things need to be reminded of when starting to play.

  1. Free-Play Casinos or Demos – There are these types of casinos and whatnot that give players a free play version of their online casino options. The free play version of the different casino games allows players to experience their online casino of choice. This gives them the closest experience when trying their casino of choice.
  2. Real Money Casinos – This part of an online casino requires players to register and deposit to get the real winnings. Most of the time, players can take advantage of First Deposit bonuses when it comes to making money in these types of casinos.

As time goes on, online casinos have garnered fans across the globe, together with the development of technology, it has improved drastically over the years. This became the norm in all casinos that people have interacted with online. Diving into the issue “do online casinos cheat” there is little to no chance that happens as many long-standing online casinos have reputations to protect as well as support from their loyal patrons. Knowing this, if you are looking for ways on how to protect yourself from being consumed by the online casino, you should know that it is not the online casino that’s having the issue, it is just that the casino games and their patterns that make things work for an online casino to win. The saying “The House always wins” applies in this case.

Now that we have established the different things you need to know before diving into an online casino, there is no denying that there are many online casino games that can be played easily. But what online casino games are the best in their category? Here are some we think where you can get started.

  1. Baccarat – One of the most famous games in the world, this table card game is a clash between people betting on the player or the banker. The goal of the game is to get closest to a total of 9 without going over.
  2. Roulette – This table game has a french origin that is easy to grasp. Players are given time to place their bets on the table on which they think will be the result of a spin. Some bets give players a slight edge, while single number bets are there for players to make a big risk on which number they think will win.
  3. Dragon Tiger – A simpler version of baccarat, the online casino version of this long-standing card game is easier to learn. Whichever side is higher, will be the winner. It does not get any simpler than that.
  4. Fan-Tan – A casino game that originates from China that has the same odds of winning as roulette. The goal is to guess what number will the number of buttons or shells used in the game ends up.

Online Casinos of course pose some kind of advantage or disadvantage. Let’s take a look at what are the positives and negatives we can get out of playing in an online casino.

Online Casino Advantages

  1. Bonus Features – Many online casinos tend to give out the best bonuses compared to traditional brick and mortar ones. This allows players to play more than what they have and enjoy the game a bit more from the get-go.
  2. VIP Programs – As traditional casinos have VIP programs, online casinos also operate on the same landscape in providing long time and loyal customers better rebates as well as exclusive game promos when they play.
  3. Convenience – As many know, many online casinos tend to have a limited amount of options when it comes to having tables in a normal casino. The convenience of working within the bounds of your home is sure to entice every player who does not want to through the hassle of going to a casino far from their home.

Online Casino Disadvantages

  1. Security Risks – when playing in an online casino, there is bound to be risks involved. So make sure that your playing with a well-trusted and known online casino.
  2. Withdrawal Time – At times, many players tend to have issues when it comes to making withdrawals in their playing accounts. This at times may cause some delay and other things.
  3. Interaction – With an online casino, you are sure that there will be a lack of interaction between the operators and the players. As the transactions are done online, there is a tendency to have lapses in their communication system at times. So immediate action is lacking in these types of online casinos.
  4. Transaction Fees – Many online casino players tend to lack awareness regarding transaction fees, but not to worry, just check casinos that have lower transaction fees. There are also times when operators weave this for players.