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Baccarat was believed to be invented in the 1400s by a man named Felix Falguiere. He referred to the game as “baccara”, or Italian for zero, as the tens and face cards had zero worth. Later on, the French spelling, “baccarat” was adapted. 

The Italian games have a basis in an Etruscan legend of a virgin who had to throw a nine-sided die. If she threw an 8 or 9, she went up to the glory of being a priestess. If they threw a 6 or 7, she would be allowed to live but could not take part in religious or community events. If she threw lower than 6, she would be left to drown in the sea. From these came the rules of the baccarat game.

In the original game, cards were dealt by four different players, each of which has the chance to be the banker, and players could place bets against each other players as well as the house. 

Sic Bo is an Asian casino game that has become popular worldwide. Everyone has been captivated by this game, because it resembles the casino roulette and craps games, but also with an Asian twist. On our site, we have our own offerings of Sic Bo, and each come in many variations!

In this game, you will attempt to guess the outcome of dice rolling in a glass jar. The three dice can either turn out to be a triple, a double, a dice showing specific number, a combination above 10, or an even number? If you‘ve bet on any of those outcomes on the Sic Bo board,  you can win at least double your wager! If you get two or more right, you simply get more winnings. And, if your guess will get a multiple added to it while the dice is being rolled, and you got that bet, you’ll even have more winnings!

This very intriguing dice game allows you to have numerous combinations, and you can not limit yourself to just one bet! However, the more you wager, the bigger risk of losing money, so you have to bet wisely. If you are able to win on your guesses, and get multiple winnings betting will be with it for you!

There are several places on the Sic Bo board where you could place your bet, and each have varying chances for winning. Now, BetVision brings you the unpredictability of Sic Bo wherever you may be! Whether you’re strolling at the riverwalk and making wagers on your phone, or just enjoying a chill weekend at your home in front of your computer, you get instant access to Sic Bo options that could win you real money at any time, 24/7.

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BetVision has several games that are made for the user. One of these games is Baccarat. A classic card game, Baccarat has several thrills that make it worth playing. It’s also very popular with Singaporeans, as a matter of fact.

So classic is the game of baccarat, that they have tables at the casino that are dedicated to this addictive sport. It has become a staple game of any online casino, which can offer you any edge. 

Baccarat is one of the more interesting card games, and always draws many players to the table hosting it; however, not everyone who gambles is fully knowledgeable of how the game works. We will help you know more about the game in this section.

Baccarat is not just only one game. It actually has three variants, which are played all over the world. Here they are:

Punto Blanco

Punto Blanco is the most common variant of baccarat practised in the world. This is played most often in America, Canada and Asia. The name resulted from the game’s migration to South America and the Caribbean. Also, the player has the option of standing or getting another card if the total is five. In the late 1950s, Tommy Renzoni brought this game to the Sands casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. To this day, it is the most common variation seen online and seen on Internet casinos.  

Baccarat Chemin de Fer

Baccarat chemin de fer is a very popular variety of baccarat in Europe. The difference here is that the players do the dealing. Also, the role of a banker rotates around the whole table. Also, the player has the option to stand, or get another card if the hand total is five.

Baccarat en Banque

This is a European version of the game. This game is played with three decks, and the banker role is given to the player who takes the most risk. Drawing rules change from club to club, but they are similar to those for Chemin de Fer.

Three Card Baccarat

This is a popular variety in Macau and Asia. A deck of cards is used in 3 card baccarat, and rules are different to conventional baccarat. Both the player and banker have three cards. The highest possible hand would be three face cards. This is then followed by traditional hand rankings.  

Super Pan 9

Super Pan 9 is a baccarat variety that is found in the US< Super Pan 9 makes use of a limited deck of 36 cards. The deck is made up of all face cards and A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The banker and player would be dealt three cards, and have the option of drawing an additional card with the possibility of getting as close to 9 as possible.

In baccarat, there are three possible outcomes: the player wins, the dealer wins, or they all tie.

Baccarat is a table game that has 14 numbers that go from one to 15, albeit skipping the number 13, which is linked to bad luck.

First off, the dealer deals the cards face up. When you bet on the player hand and it is closest to nine, the winnings will be double what you get.

Two to nine cards =in the deck are 2-9 in face value.

If the banker and the player are given 2-9, both the banker and the player take a stand. Also, draws have a chance of appearing 8-1 in this game.

The rules of baccarat are explained more in detail below:

  • If the banker’s total is 2 or less, then the banker draws a card, regardless of what the player’s third card is.
  • If the banker’s total is 3, then the banker draws a third card unless the player’s third card was an 8.
  • If the banker’s total is 4, then the banker draws a third card if the player’s third card was 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  • If the banker’s total is 5, then the banker draws a third card if the player’s third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the banker’s total is 6, then the banker draws a third card if the player’s third card was a 6 or 7.
  • If the banker’ total is 7, then the banker stands.

Blackjack always makes for an exciting time and it tests your mind to the limit. But there are other just as great ways to gamble as well!


Sic-Bo or Dice, is an all time Asian favourite. There are three dice in the game, and you have to guess which one will come out. There are multiple ways to win, like rolling three on all or odd and even combinations. You can also bet on specific totals, giving you more chances to win and raise the stakes for a hefty payout!


Our baccarat is one of the few versions you could see online. There are two sides of this game: the player and the banker. The objective is to get to number 9 as close as possible. But that’s just the basic rule; you’ll get more exposed to other possibilities as you play the game! A perennial favourite of Asian gamers, our website gives you the baccarat experience as though you were in your favourite gambling city!


What would any casino be without the thrilling roulette? Try your luck on our spinning tables and bet on the outcome for a chance to win big bucks!  Our betting zones encompass every possibility on the roulette; so if you’re good at guessing where the ball goes, hop on to our roulette rooms as fast as you can!

And many more!

No need to Las Vegas, or even Macau for the blackjack or casino experience! Through BetVision’s online gaming providers, every gaming possibility is just a click away. Watch out also for bonuses, rebates and prizes – both seasonal and regular—to be given in any of games to add to your winnings. And while you’re here, grow your earning through our online sports betting, for football, basketball, tennis, racing, hockey and any sport you could think of. Choose from thousands of odds and handicaps; there’s an abundance of winning results for everyone!

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Playing baccarat is a great deal of fun! And when you go to a site that has the biggest selection of games and has many prizes and benefits waiting for you, playing the game becomes entirely enjoyable.

There are several rules that we need to follow for baccarat. Here are the rules:

  • If the banker or the player is dealt with an 8 or 9, either of the two takes a stand.
  • If the player’s total is five or less, then the player will receive another card. Otherwise, the player will stand.
  • If the player is dealt with a total of 5 or less, the player is going to be dealt with another card if not, the player will stand.
  • If the player stands, then the banker hits on a total of 5 or less.

We need to remember that if the face cards (J, Q, and K) are valued at zero. Also, the ace is valued at one. Say if a player draws a Q and an 8, therefore the total is 8. If the total value of the cards is above 10, the value would be minus 10. (i.e. 7 and 6, it totals 14, so the value of the drawn card is 4).

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