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One of the most thrilling games in a casino is blackjack. Any casino, brick or mortar or online, would not be complete without it. In fact, many say that it’s the most popular game in the world. And throughout they years, it has not lost its appeal, even influencing countless movies such as “21” and “The Gambler”.

People have tried very hard to be masters at blackjack, but a lack of strategy could cause you to lose more. BetVision has one of the biggest selections of blackjack games for any discerning player out there.

Play Blackjack on a live casino anywhere and anytime with BetVision! One of the many timeless card games, blackjack is a classic card game you will definitely love. Our 24/7 blackjack rooms, with their pleasing dealers and high stakes betting action will enthrall you. We have several gambling rooms here at BetVision, wherein you could instantly play with other fellow players. You can win real money when you wager, which makes it all the more fun.

Blackjack, while simple, is also tricky. You go against the banker with randomly drawn cards, and try to beat their hand by drawing each card without going over 21. If you are able to form the coveted blackjack formation, good for you!  But this is not always the case, as there are times where you end up with a bust, or the banker beats you with the number of cards. If you make the best guess, it will be the more fulfilling, because you will end up with more real money to add to your total account balance. Bet with care, because you don’t know if you will be successful, or if the dealer can get a better combination than you without going over!

Here at BetVision, you have several choices of blackjack tables from our 300+ games to choose from. If want the traditional room, there are many card rooms from our providers that have varying buy-in amounts, depending on your VIP status. We also add to your playing with special offers such as rebates and cashbacks, so that you always have a filled account, and so that you can continuously.

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Blackjack is part of a collection of games referred to as twenty-one (21). This is because all the cards need to complete a total of 21 in numerical value to get the best possible result for the player. It is the most played casino game in the world, so it is sure to benefit from a lot of players. The intuitive style of this game will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, as try to match wits with the banker, and bet on the winning hand.

No one exactly knows when blackjack started, but they were thought to start in the French casinos and even in the French Royal Court in the 1700s. The game was known as Vingt-en-Un, which literally translates to Twenty-one. This was brought over to America in the 1820s, where it evolved and became popular. It was originally referred to as 21 in the States; the term Blackjack was a promotional stunt to make the game more known. Bonus payouts were given for “black jack combinations”, or a jack of spades or clubs paired with the ace of spades. These payouts waned over time, but the nickname stuck and carries on to this day!

In Asia, blackjack is just as popular as baccarat and poker. There are high stakes involved in winning, and the gameplay is as intuitive with every turn. If you’re able to play a mathematically good game, the odds are in your favour to win. The more experienced players know how to hustle, and rarely miss a beat when gunning for the big bucks.

In blackjack, the player plays against the dealer. You both compete among yourself which one is the highest, and has the most number of cards without going over 21. So, if you need a guide for the rules in playing blackjack, here they are:

  1. At the beginning of the round, the dealer is opposite five to seven players. What is shuffled for play are one to eight card decks.  The players then put their bets in the betting box. The cards are dealt with starting from the left side of the dealer.
  2. If the player has drawn a blackjack (an ace and a jack of spades or clubs), it is an automatic win.
  3. Also, the other players have the option to be dealt with another card to increase the value of their current cards.
  4. After a round of dealing extra cards, the dealer then on draw cards until he defeats the amount of the other players or if he goes bust.
  5. If the dealer and the player have tied cards, no money will be lost or paid.
  6. If the dealer and the player busts, the player pays.


A player who could not go over the value of 21, as they will lose. The thrill of what will come out of this game keeps it exciting, as you try to pile high against the dealer. In addition, no two dealing of cards are the same; you will be compelled to play differently and be more strategic with every turn, as you try to bet and win more chips and adding to your investment or deposit!

  1. Reviews – Many legitimate online casinos tend to have proper reviews under their belt. There are also independent websites that give out short reviews on what a specific website has to offer to their services. This helps players to get an insight into what an online casino has to offer.
  2. Safety and Security – Is the website secure? Is it proper looking? Does it have the security measures in place to have your account secure from hackers? And lastly, does it have a gambling license by legitimate governing bodies? If so, that website is sure to give out real money winnings.
  3. Customer Support or Service – A proper online casino has a well-rounded and amazing customer service to back up their high-quality performance. Without proper customer service support, an online casino would crumble down. Be sure that it responds in a very timely manner.
  4. Depositing and Withdrawing Funds – When making a drastic decision regarding making deposits and withdrawals make sure that the account has proper banking channels that make things work on their side.

Many people are asking, can you really win at blackjack? Yes you can! That is, if you know how to bet the correct way and strategic way. Many people tend to think blackjack is driven only by luck; well you also have to be a keen thinker and make the most of the cards you’re dealt.


Betting in blackjack usually depends on the provider. You have a choice from a variety of tokens. Online casinos and live casinos have their fixed bets for their varieties of blackjack. For example, in Evolution Games, infinite blackjack, you could bet as low as 5.


All in all, betting takes skill and strategy, and unless you have very good hands to present, you have to be careful when you hit or when you stand, and when you make your play. There’s always a huge risk involved, but that is what makes it so exciting and thrilling! And with the online live casino setup, you can now enjoy getting the entire blackjack experience in the comfort of your home!

One of the most common questions you will encounter in playing is on how to count cards in Blackjack. What is meant by this? For one, card counting is a mathematical system based on the information available to all players. For example, the Royal Cards in Blackjack all count at 10 apiece.

Counting cards in blackjack usually involve the following.

  • Assign a value to each card
  • Keep a running count based on the cards dealt.
  • Use the information to calculate the count per deck, or the real count.

Many gambling experts believe counting cards is an effective way to beat the system and profit while playing blackjack. However, no casino will attest to this, as doing this gives only a .05 to 1 advantage over the house. Since the percentage advantage is small, you time is better devoted to making use of profitable strategies to win the game.

When you are given a pair of cards in blackjack, you are now given an option to stand, or play your card, and hit, or get another card to increase the value of your hand. It is very tricky, because the next card could potentially bust you with a larger amount, or you get to an amount that you think is high, but the dealer could end up with a higher combination.


Hitting is something that you do on gut feel. But the most experienced of blackjack players and other gamblers seem good at knowing when to get a hit, just because they’ve been there many times before. When your cards total up to 10, you can still hit. However, as the number gradually grows from 10, tread with caution and consider all the possibilities of the next card to be dealt. In that way, you could help cut your losses and win more!

Because of all the resources available on the Internet, it is now possible to play blackjack free.  However, it is even better when you are a member. You get better perks, and possible rebates when you register at an online casino. Plus, you get unlimited playing for free!


Of course you don’t have to travel all the way to Macau or even Las Vegas to play live casino and slot games. Sure, you may miss the bright lights, the energy of the people and whatever perks a traditional casino offers. But in the new normal, online gambling makes much more sense. What’s better is that the dealer may still dictate the game, but you are in charge of the environment. Want to be in the living room with friends, or all alone in your dimly lit room while deciding to stand or hit in blackjack? It’s now a possibility with online gaming providers such as BetVision!

If you’re an advantage player, playing at a full table may be better for you, because it is easier for you to pocket chips. If you play in a brick and mortar casino at a full table, you attract less attention when you are playing along with others.


But when you’re in the comfort of your own home.  Just imagine: you’re in the comfort of your own home, and betting hard against the dealer and other players. You’re not as nervous compared to when you’re in the actual casino; you’re not as rattled and are able to think more clearly. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Blackjack always makes for an exciting time and it tests your mind to the limit. But there are other just as great ways to gamble as well!


Sic-Bo or Dice, is an all time Asian favourite. There are three dice in the game, and you have to guess which one will come out. There are multiple ways to win, like rolling three on all or odd and even combinations. You can also bet on specific totals, giving you more chances to win and raise the stakes for a hefty payout!


Our baccarat is one of the few versions you could see online. There are two sides of this game: the player and the banker. The objective is to get to number 9 as close as possible. But that’s just the basic rule; you’ll get more exposed to other possibilities as you play the game! A perennial favourite of Asian gamers, our website gives you the baccarat experience as though you were in your favourite gambling city!


What would any casino be without the thrilling roulette? Try your luck on our spinning tables and bet on the outcome for a chance to win big bucks!  Our betting zones encompass every possibility on the roulette; so if you’re good at guessing where the ball goes, hop on to our roulette rooms as fast as you can!

And many more!

No need to Las Vegas, or even Macau for the blackjack or casino experience! Through BetVision’s online gaming providers, every gaming possibility is just a click away. Watch out also for bonuses, rebates and prizes – both seasonal and regular—to be given in any of games to add to your winnings. And while you’re here, grow your earning through our online sports betting, for football, basketball, tennis, racing, hockey and any sport you could think of. Choose from thousands of odds and handicaps; there’s an abundance of winning results for everyone!

Secure and Responsible Gaming

We know gaming can be lots of fun, but we also believe in responsible gaming. The thrills of betting, going all in and raising the stakes are all the better when you keep your calm and play responsibly. Here are just some of what BetVision can guarantee for you:

  1. Security – Information is crucial when doing transactions such as online gambling. With many people trying to take advantage of new users, we can expect that most of the time, this aspect is often overlooked. If we are looking for a trusted online casino, we should make sure that we are trying to check out all aspects of their business. Check testimonies and check the amount of security as well as the legitimacy of their chosen online casino.
  2. The Options – When it comes to the different array of options, many online gamblingsites would state what they have to offer in terms of the games that they have. These can range from traditional tabletop games, card games, and new takes on old classics. A great online gaming casino can surely offer many from one up to many patrons, all at the same time.
  3. Promotions – A good online casino is always looking forward to providing the extra mile to its players, may they be new or old. A quick word of advice, the promotion feels or looks too good to be true, the chances of it being fake, is high! Remember to keep the vigilance, and always keep others in check as well!


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