How Does Sports Betting Work?

how does sports betting work

Sports betting has existed even before the world wide web. However, it became more widespread as the net had come into being. Now, there are high stakes involved, and a wider worldwide audience has access.

Nowadays to do sports betting, you have to go to a website that provides many different odds. Sportsbook sites usually have odds that vary and cater to different categories. These odds always change. So how does sports betting actually work?

What is Sports Betting?

First of all, sports betting is placing an amount on the team or club and hoping that you win your bet. However, sports betting could mean much more than betting on a winning side. Let’s take for example the game of football. You can bet on

  • Which team wins
  • By how many goals a team will win
  • How many corners a team will have, and so on.

The three main types of sports betting are the following:

  1. Straight betting In this kind of betting, a betting line is made (difference of points, such as +1, -1, +2,-2 and so forth) and the bettors can choose to bet on the favourite team or underdog in the match.
  2. Total line betting – A certain number will be set as the outcome score of these teams together. Bettors are going wager if the score is higher or lower than what was set. Those who win have an accurate prediction of the outcome. You can also place the bet halfway in the game, and then for the final score.
  3. Money line – This is where you bet on a specific team or a person to win a game. Your risk price is set around however much the set price to choose the favourite.

Ways of Placing Bets

Before you had to go to a casino to place a bet. Now, you could do it from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you wish, thanks to sportsbook betting websites.

Transfer the money to the respective betting site.

First, you deposit the money via the betting website using the channels they support. Usually, the site has a list of the banks they support, so you pick the one that is most convenient to you.

Transfer the money to the respective betting site.

For example, here on BetVision, we support different betting sites with their own odds on the respective sports. To make sure that the money concerned is only in that portal, the respective amount that you want to use in the wager is put into that portal alone.

Select the particular odd you would want to wager.

The sportsbook lists down all the available odds for betting in the form of a table. You just need to click on the odd you want and adjust the amount. Also, take note of the betting limit: there is a minimum and maximum amount for betting, depending on the site.

Register your wager.

The site will ask you if you are already okay with your pick, and your bet is entered into the system.

Wait for the game to end to see if your bet will win or lose.

Once the outcome of the game reaches either half time or full time, you will then know if you’ve won or not. Some betting systems offer a refund in case of a draw (e.g. Asian handicap), in which case you get the same amount of money. If you lost, the amount goes straight to the website. If you win, you get the payout that was indicated to you before betting.

Sports betting is indeed a thrilling way of making money off of hunches. If you are the type that could predict outcomes based on your intuition, it is great to get into!