Is Sports Betting Legal?

Is Sports Betting Legal?

Every person who loves to make money off of sports has taken an interest to sports betting. The industry is so popular that it has gotten several people to partake in it. However, the taboo associated with sports betting as a vice has led governments to put regulations on these practices.

Here in Asia, where 4 billion people reside, therein resides the biggest gambling market in the world. In 2019, it alone made up half the global market size at 48% and $72.2 billion. Steps were taken to regulate the use of sports betting. Let’s take a deeper look into it.

Legality of Sports Betting in Asia

The betting rules in Asia vary from country to country. It also depends on if online betting or in-person betting is allowed in the nation. Legislatures in every country passed acts to enforce the legality of gambling.

At the moment, the most active countries for sports betting in the Asia Pacific are China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. However, in China, all forms of gambling are deemed illegal since 1949. The only exceptions are the special administrative region of Macau, and the two legal Chinese lotteries, which are the China Welfare Lottery (CWL) and China Sports Lottery (CSL) where one could bet on sports such as soccer and basketball. But while online wagering is prohibited, many gambling portals based in other countries such as the Philippines has become okay for them to use.

In Singapore, it is considered illegal save for some state-run sites. The Singapore Remote Gambling Act of 2014 has prevented unregulated gambling, which includes sports betting. However, people can comfortably put best of sites such as the Singapore Turf Club website and Singapore Pools website. Furthermore, online casinos that cater to the Singapore market but are located offshore could allow you to do legal sports betting and casino playing without breaking the law.

In other countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, sports betting is also illegal unless done on state-run sites. However, people from such countries are allowed to do betting if the site can be accessed from their country and has channels for transactions using partners in that country. The IP of the country will usually indicate if a site can be accessed. Likewise, offshore sites accept bettors from such countries, which makes them freely able to bet on them.

Using a Legal Website for Gambling

 This is why, to make sure that you have a safe and hassle-free experience when it comes to gambling, you also have to check its security. Here are the tips you have to check:

  1. Betting from reputed and organized sportsbooks

Bet only using sportsbooks that have organized odds. Always double-check the amount allowed for betting and the speed of transactions. In this way you wouldn’t have to worry about your wager, and your bets will be in good hands.

  1. Customer care

Check if there is a channel of communication with customer services if there are issues such as money transactions, application of rewards. Live chat is one of the fastest ways to get to a representative. Toll free numbers, chats, and social media can be helpful too.

  1. Site security

Check for certification on the website that they have SSL encryption and trust seals, so that your money and personal data are protected. If the site also has testimonials and reviews on how good their site is, that would also be a good sign.

Sports betting that is legal is also one that is secure,  and allows you to transact without losing a single cent, or without divulging your data to others.  As long as the site you choose is not blocked by your country’s firewall, and has a mark indicating its legality, as well as reputed channels and banks for deposits, transactions and withdrawals, you can be assured that you are betting in a legal environment.