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Fishing games are the best additions to a wide range of games by BetVision. The new live casino games bring joy because of the values brought in by each fish. This game would also involve intense strategy. What’s more, the thrill of being able to earn money while shooting is a nice proposition!

Fishing games are among the most played games in a casino in Singapore. This is because they are highly engaging, and you could win real money in the process! The graphics are also designed beautifully, so you would want to play and be on it more.

Do you like the adrenaline rush of a fishing game? Want to catch great fish in return for every money that you bet? Get on your computer or gadget now, and go to BetVision! Our website and app offer many options for the best and most exciting fishing games in Singapore and Asia. Plus, with our secure member centre for transactions, as well as 24/7customer support, you’ll feel totally comfortable while trying to catch fish, multiply your winnings and win actual money!

Fishing games have been one of the best attractions when it comes to gaming. Mixing the thrill of playing arcade games with the anticipation of prizes from slot machines, these games have made numerous fans in gamers and bettors. That’s because it takes a certain skill to catch fish with the least possible tries, as money comes out while you are betting. However, this is reciprocated by the prizes you gain when catching the fish, and the multiples you earn!

Our titles and offerings here are eclectic: including not just visually stunning fishing games, but also those with an Asian flavour. Titles such as Cai Shen Fishing Game and Dragon Fishing Game are absolute hits, especially with their intuitive brand of gameplay.

Be mesmerised, as you try to catch every fish that appears on your screen, using many weapons at your disposal! You can catch anything from clownfish to sharks, to turtles to octopus and any other sea creature! Plus you get to use cannons of any size to fire at them, depending on the game! While you lose credits with every shot, you reclaim them through the prizes you win! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

That’s why you should join thousands of players all across Asia now, and get the best fishing game experience anytime, anywhere at BetVision! Register with us now, and get perks such as cashback and bonus every time you play! We’ll be fishing with you soon!

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If you are ready to undertake an undersea adventure with a fishing slot game, go right ahead! Here is the procedure for you to get started on your fishing game.

  1. Log in to your gaming site account. Click the login button, enter your details and start enjoying the game!
  2. Top up your account. Transfer money into your account for playing the fishing game to make sure that your money is counted in the game and is securely transferred in it.
  3. Select the fishing game you want to play with. Choose which among the fishing slots you want to use your skills on, to earn points and winnings.
  4. Select the type of map or round you want to play in the fishing casino game. Each round in the fishing game online has varying levels of difficulty which corresponds to the amount you bet every time you fire.
  5. Play and earn points by firing at the fish you want. Some fishing casino games have a manual catcher; some have an automatic catcher.
  6. Stay alert for bonuses in the game. As the ocean fishing games progress, the big fish appear, which results in bigger rewards when shot. However, these fish also become more difficult to catch, so you have to aim strategically. Also, in some ocean fishing games, there are special weapons that can be acquired so that you could catch them better. Again, these free fishing game weapons also increase the amount you bet, so use your shots wisely!
  7. Collect your money and decide whether to keep It in the account, transfer it to the mother account, or withdraw it.
    Once you have acquired the money from playing the fishing casino, it’s up to you to decide what to do with it! You could keep it in the game provider if you don’t want to withdraw yet and use it for your next turn. Or you could use your site’s transfer portal to put back the money into your account, so you could use it on other games, or start the withdrawal process of your winnings!

It’s simple and easy to play this game. Plus, you need not worry about security issues, especially regarding your money, as we have a tight control overflow of transactions.

Fishing games usually have vivid designs of fish in their games. Because of their attention to detail, the fish do look like the figures they mimic. Here are examples of the fish and sea creatures that you would encounter in fishing games online.

  1. Whales
  2. Octopus
  3. Manta rays
  4. Pufferfish
  5. Clownfish
  6. Turtles 
  7. And more!

Also, depending on the level of difficulty, you could aim for large fish when making your catch. It has huge bonuses entailed, so make sure you tailor your strategy and try to catch these fish. Weapons also come with differing values: regular canons of course, consume less firepower and money but are we

Since fishing games also function as slots, you can also expect bonus rewards such as spins! This will help make the game more exciting. You also have a chance to win more prizes in this case.

This makes the thrill of playing a fishing game worth it. 

Do more than the usual spin and hit fish that have exponentially higher to catch it within the allotted time frame. Of course, once the cannons start firing, you lose money to the best amount, but you can immediately reclaim it if you can get the bonuses from firing at the sea creatures in the casino fishing slot machine. Awesome, isn’t it?

Wide Selection of Online Fishing Games Free

  • CQ Gaming – Paradise

This is one of BetVision’s most sought after fishing games! This is designed to give you a very relaxing time when you play it. You have many maps available, with the subtle difference being in amounts of bet and price bracket. Also, take note of your shot strength and special skills for catching fish, while monitoring your remaining funds for maximum gameplay enjoyment!

  • JDB Fishing

This gaming provider has awesome selections such as Dragon Fishing, Cai Shen Fishing, and Five Dragons Fishing. Whether the type of fishing you choose, each has colourful characters that make catching the fish and earning real money entertaining. Cai Shen, in particular, adds a local flavour to the fishing online by adding Asian elements. Also, some games need to require teamwork from the other players, for you to get the prize.

  • BG Fishing Buster

This is another game with very vivid graphics. There are also hotkeys on the keyboard to make your manipulation of the controls easier! There are three levels: Junior Master and Supreme.  Just make sure to aim the gun at the fish you wish to catch, and wager wisely and shoot efficiently so that not much money will be lost.

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With world-class fishing casino gaming, sports & slots and secure playing with real money, BetVision is the choice of Asia for online entertainment. Whether on your computer at home, or on the move with your smartphone, you can enjoy responsible gaming with us. Hope to see you here!