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No casino is complete without the mighty roulette! Roulette is one of the types of gambling that every kind of Singaporean and Asian love. It is a gaming option that gives you numerous options to win, as seen by the markings on the wheel. The premise is simple—you just have to guess where the ball will fall into, and if, you’re lucky, you get a payout like no other! You have many chances at luck with using a wheel. Here at BetVision, we have roulette games that will tickle your fancy and have you wagering and playing for more!

You will be surprised at how many combinations you can get when playing roulette! Trying to nail the best combination for the best payout is a key ingredient of this game. Truly, no casino experience is complete without roulette. It might be the casino game that offers more winning possibilities—yes, even more than cards! It’s an absolute thrill when everyone is at the table, and they’re waiting if they’ll get really lucky at the spin of the wheel, Now, you you’ll be happy know that you can also now do this at home!

Are you a roulette fanatic in Asia? Guessing where the ball will land in a roulette is always one of the best experiences you could have in a casino. We here at BetVision make sure that you have a great time when you play one of our several roulette games by our providers.

Our 300+ games include roulette variations that will make you wager more for more rewards. Casinos have also made modifications, like adding multipliers to every selection on the roulette, such as specific numbers, colours, range of numbers, etc. Expect to find titles such as Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette and so much more! We also have a roulette-related exclusive offer for you if you wish to concentrate on the roulette for your betting activities on the site.

Also, by becoming a VIP member of our service, you have the option to add on to your roulette playing habit with a special promo. You could also get rewards and cashback for every time you play roulette or other games on the BetVision app or website. So, the more you bet, the better and more rewards you will receive. Plus, through encrypted technology, secure money transactions and 24/7 customer support, you can be assured of premium service along with premium gaming!

Whether you choose to bet on a specific number, or want to try many different combinations, you can win with a roulette. And that is why it is the most fun game at a casino., especially with the dealer entertaining you with small talk as you place your bet. Now, you could enjoy it comfortably at your own home or wherever you wish.

No other platform can offer as much roulette selections as we can. Join us now, and play to your heart’s delight. Whether you guess by the specific number, by row or by column, odd or even, red or black, you have a chance at a really good roulette payout here at BetVision! Join us now!

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Are you ready to take on our roulette games? Well, we’re right here waiting for you! Our providers caters to Singaporeans and other Asians who simply love to gamble and take their chances at the much prized wheel of fortune! These roulette games are entirely enticing, and every gaming Asian would feel at home using them! What’s more, they have varied approaches, but there are all so worth it. However, how do you play and what are you playing for? Let’s find out then.


The roulette table is split into parts, wherein each person could bet. Here they are:


  • Outside – these betting areas define the range of numbers you could bet in.
  • Inside – the specific numbers, where you can bet on one number or more numbers.
  • Even Money – For these, these are odd or even-numbered bets.


Now, when someone is asking about how much is the payout in roulette, it is all dependent on the wagers that one makes. Let’s take a closer look at each:



First off, there are the different inside bets, one of which could give you a generous payout in roulette. They are very precise, so much so that every bet is a make or break. Here a


  • Straight up – This is used to refer to a bet on a single number. This is the highest bet one can make in roulette, and it pays out 37:1 if you get it correctly.
  • Split – This is a bet on two numbers by placing the chip on the line between to numbers; this pays 17:1 if you are able to nail it!
  • Street- These are any numbers on a pathway on the table, or three consecutive numbers in a line. Odds for these are 11:1. Place the chip at the end of the line to bet one these!
  • Double street – This is where you bet on two paths, or six consecutive numbers.
  • Top line – This where you put your bet at the far end of a line of numbers.
  • Corner – this is when you place your chip in the center of a square of four numbers, placing your bet on all of them. This offers a payment of 8:1.
  • Row – This is when you wager on 0 (or 00 for an American roulette). Chances of winning are at 18:1.


Because each of these bets have a lesser likelihood of happening, they have bigger payouts than the outside bets, which we will be describing to you in detail next.



Now, we head on to the other part of the roulette table, the outside betting area. Here are the different types of outside bets:


  • Red or Black – this bet relies on the chosen colour. Whatever the number you choose to bet on, if it’s coloured red or black, you’re sure to win the bet.
  • Odd or Even – bet that the number will be the chosen type, whether all the odd numbers or all the even numbers. It doesn’t matter what the specific number is; as long as it is classified within the type of number, you get a prize.
  • First or second half of the fields for even money – this divides the roulette table into two choices of numbers. Just like the previous bets, you only have two choices, and if your bet falls within these sets and you win, you get the payout! Odds are at 1 1/9: 1
  • First, second or third 12s, or dozen bet – in this bet, you now have three choices instead of two. You bet on a set of 12 numbers, and hope that the ball falls within each number clusters. Odds are at 2 1/6: 1
  • Betting columns – located on the outside of betting table, wagering on these pay out two to 1


Now that you know the basics – did you know not all roulettes are made the same? Yes, there are some subtle differences, and you may come across each one of them in BetVision’s gaming providers. Here’s a bit more information:

There are key differences between roulettes. For one, the European roulette has only 1 zero on the wheel, while the American roulette has 1 zero (0) and a double zero (00).


Because of this design, the house edge for American roulette is at 5.26%. In European roulette, the house edge is always 2.7%. And due to this, the European has slightly higher odds. If you’re a roulette enthusiast, you’ll surely be on the look out


It’s so easy to bet here! With so many bets to choose from, you have a big chance of winning! That’s why this game is one of the most enticing that you could partake of here in BetVision. And because of our round the clock service, and presence of easy-on-the-eye, yet intelligent dealers, whom you could chat with, while awaiting the results of your bet.

Avid gamblers are asking “What is best bet in roulette?” To tell you honestly, there is no one best bet in roulette. There are many kinds of bets, but first you have to determine what type of bet you are getting into

 If you want the thrill of a very good win, you should do the straight up bet, which offers a payout of 35-1. Thus, placing a $1000 wager on a single number will get you $3500. However, happens very rarely, so unless you are feeling really confident, you can’t waste a single bet on this number.

Depending on the roulette, you have a variety options for really great bets to play in your upcoming game. Black and red, odd and even are safe bets, but you have to raise your bets for a higher possible payout, and on the opposite side, risk a higher loss. However, if you bet on more specific combinations, you get slightly higher choices for cashing in.

Many people ask if they can win at roulette. The answer is yes! While it can be difficult to keep up a streak, it is still a high-stakes game and many have proven that they could excel in it. With the right intuition you can convert a possible risk into a worthwhile and winning gamble!


Roulette aficionados have mastered all possible combinations that will give them winning chances. Strategies include visual ballistics or following where the ball could possibly go on the wheel, finding out the dealers preferred direction of spinning. But in gambling, you can never be sure. And that is what makes all of these, and roulette itself, all the more fun!

We can’t give more details on this because it would take away the fun from gambling. It is better to find out on your own which combination works best! Just like in everything, there is always at least a 50:50 chance of happening, so after a couple of trials, you will just feel at ease betting on the roulette.


Here’s a tip: go safe first with the outside best, and when you feel you’re comfortable with your betting, you can move on to numbered bets for higher possibilities of a payout! Start with small bets to get the hang of it; and when you feel more confident take your chance for a bigger payout on your next bet!


Truly, people all over SG and the rest of Asia can’t get enough of roulette! As many people are finding out, this game can test your gambling abilities and making the best bets to grow your money.

The best thing is, you can now play roulette even outside a brick-and-mortar casino, in the comfort of your home and on your tablet, mobile or computer.

On our site, you could choose from live casino gaming providers such as:

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Dream Gaming
  • All Bet Gaming

Also, you can choose from roulette selections – with an added twist!

  • Infinite Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette

More games are in store for you, so watch out! Also, we have other gambling options such as sic bo and cards to keep you betting big!

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We at BetVision are committed to giving you the best gaming service possible! Here’s what you could look forward to when you play at our casino game providers:

  • 24/7, round-the-clock service: Our online gambling service never sleeps. Round the clock, you would find players to match wits against, and test your think abilities against!
  • Easy to use interface: Our gambling service gives you a prompt when bets are opening and closing. IT can even tell you exactly what you’ve chosen on the table, with hardly any glitches.
  • Dependable and friendly dealers and hosts: Our dealers are friendly and can make the gaming atmosphere worthwhile. They can engage you with friendly small talk and have a great personality.
  • Secure betting: Our payment and betting gateway is totally secure, and still easy to use. What you bet is exactly what you have at stake, and you will be rewarded accordingly!
  • Gambling tricks: We don’t provide sure-fire strategies so as not to take away the fun in gaming, but we post blogs in a while to help you maximize your experience. Stuff like online roulette tips, card betting techniques and more to help you love the game even more!
  • Promos and rewards: Having a membership in our site will entitle you to receive periodic updates on betting promos, rewards and rebates that we offer. This is our special gift to you for being such a loyal gamer and choosing to live the online casino experience with us!

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  • The wheels of luck are definitely on your side when you play with us. Always remember to gamble responsibly and think before you bet. By doing this, you’ll win more, and you’ll enjoy your gaming experience. Especially now, that everything is at your fingertips!
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