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Casino Games are made more fun with slot machines! Taking the slot would give you bigger chances of winning, and you also can win big while enjoying stunning graphics on your screen. The good news is that this is no longer confined to your local casino when doing these bets! You could now bet on these in the comfort of your own home, at last!

Through online casinos, there has been a growing love affair with slot machines among Singaporeans.

Nothing beats slot machines at a casino. And playing slots is made more fun with BetVision! If you’re looking for games that keep you at the edge of your seat, you will find them here. Our games are from the best providers of casino games.

Having been a fixture of casinos worldwide for a long time, slot machines offer a simple yet fun way to gamble. They offer different levels of excitement whenever you make a spin, hoping that the reels line up for a perfect line, or a wild will be revealed, making it easier for you to win. Plus, there are also the multipliers, which increase your winnings on the spin, giving you absolute satisfaction when you play.

What’s good is that you have a chance to win real money. Yes, just like in an actual casino! Similar to electronic slot machines, there is no limit to the plays you can do on a slot machine as long as you have deposited funds. Thankfully, online transactions on BetVision are protected through encrypted technology, so you can always top up securely. As a member, you also get 24/7 customer service, to make sure that you only get the best gaming experience from our slots!

Our slots are guaranteed to win for your real money. Feel free to play to your heart’s content at our numerous slot games which have themes of adventure, Egyptian treasure, fruits and gems, Asian-flavoured slots, and many others.  

Play only the best games from renowned providers such as EvoPlay, iSoftBet and CQ9. Choose from among our wide selection and be on the lookout for wilds that can help increase your winnings and offset your bets!

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We can now start solving the mystery of how the slot machine came to be. It was invented by Charles Fey in the late 1800s, and it was called the Liberty Bell. It was made use of three spinning reels that had five symbols on each of them. The symbols were the bells, hearts, spades, diamonds and horseshoes. The payouts people got were actual cash.

In 1963, the first fully electronic slot machine was installed. This allowed things including bottomless coin hoppers, payouts of up to 500 coins, and 3- or 5-coin multipliers. By 1976, video machines were made, making it able for somebody to press a button. 

The bells in a row meant a high payout for any player of the game. This makes for a great payment for any player. The slot machine was so popular that others made copies of the game, and they thrived in that area. 

Now, slot machines are in every casino in the world and are here to stay. Every Singaporean can look forward to a great payout.

In the past, casinos placed slot machines to distract casual gamers, who don’t want to risk it all at the gambling table. Slot machines are easier because:

– They don’t require any gambling knowledge

– They only require a small net

– They are graphically appealing

– They are easy to use.

Because of these characteristics, slot machines in Asia became a success, enticing people who aren’t normally into gambling to take part in this activity. The thrill of getting a brand-new bonus is always something to look forward to!

Not all slot machines for Asians and Singaporeans are the same. There are a lot of machines in any casino whether online or brick and mortar, which range from single-coin and multi-coin machines, down to touchscreen and video machines. Here they are:

Single Coin Machines

Single coin machines are not that common nowadays, because there are machines now that accept bills or many coins per spin. Gambling venues at the moment offer slot machines that are seen on the market, giving more entertainment for the player.


Multipliers were introduced in 1987 and were used to encourage people to place bigger bets. For instance, if a player bets one coin and gets three sevens, they will get around $5. But if the player gets 2 coins, they will win $10. Also, multipliers payout proportionally on winning combinations.

Buy Your Pay Machines

These types of machines accept one to five coins per spin. Also, the winning combinations you get will depend on the inserted coins. If you decide to play on a machine, you have to bet on the maximum number of coins to unlock all the winning combinations.

Multiple Payline Machines

A slot machine will have just one payline in the middle of the screen, where winning symbols should all line up for the spin to win. Each of these paylines would need one more credit for activation, and when the coin is placed into the machine, an additional indicator will light up to show that the payline is active. Also, online casinos give slots with 25, 50 or more paylines.

Wild Play Machines

These machines give you the chance to double, triple or quadruple your winnings. Wilds can substitute for other symbols, creating better combinations in bad situations. You can also get bonus features or a multiplier attached to them, increasing profits. A combination with one wild can double winnings, while one with two symbols can quadruple winnings. But three symbols together can make their own winning combination.

Progressive Machines

Here, the slot machines point out towards a joint jackpot. A progressive jackpot gets higher when a player puts a coin into the machines linked together. The total amount of the jackpot will climb higher until a player will get a great combination. Once you get this, the jackpot will reset to a predetermined amount and grow again.

Touch-Screen Machines

Touchscreen machines were implemented after the technology became a hit. Models that have their main screen on the table give resting places for the hands of the player. Because of their convenience, this is the method most casino players prefer when going out to play!

Video Machines

Video machines practically rely on software to run. The spinning of the reels and the lining up of the symbols are directed by the software. Video slots can offer more than 5 paylines – these could include 15, 25, 30 or even 100 paylines. Lastly, they also offer many bonuses, such as free spins and bonus games for extra winnings.

A big reason for this is that slot machines give players more control over the game. Unlike other games, there are no dealers, no players, and no one to remind you of what to do. That’s what makes this game totally enticing for any player!

Usually, users are required to be over 18 years of age, by casino rules. With this legal enforcement in place, there is no need to worry, and gambling may be prevented from causing addiction to the young.

Now, with slot machines more seen than ever, it is a perfect time to get into slots and do your best with the game. While many older people like baby boomers and generation Xers are still game to play slot machines, millennials find it difficult to be attracted to the prospect of how to win in an online slot machine. They would rather be playing video games in the mould of Street Fighter and Rainbox Six, which requires a lot of skill. 


This has driven slot machine makers to modify their games and make them more appealing to younger people, notably using skill-based machines. These slots have bonus rounds that have skill elements, that will encourage them to take part more in the game; not like the typical push spin button. The new market is looking for more activity, and this new breed of slot machines will provide it.

Even in its electronic form, slot machine gaming is still wildly appealing. Yes, you can also play online slot machines for real money! Apps can be seen catering to the slot machine appetites of people.


With many unique styles, slot machines have been attracting people endlessly. So, are online slots legit? Yes, they are! They are playable and accessible for anyone.

Play Slot Machines with BetVision!

We offer promos that will surely entice you to play more. Here are other options that you should consider heavily when gambling:


What would any casino be without the thrilling roulette? Try your luck on our spinning tables and bet on the outcome for a chance to win big bucks! Our betting zones encompass every possibility on the roulette; so if you’re good at guessing where the ball goes, hop on to our roulette rooms as fast as you can!


Sic-Bo, or Dice, is an all-time Asian favourite. In this game, there are three dice in the game, and you have to guess which result will come out. There are multiple ways to win, like rolling three on all or odd and even combinations. You can also bet on specific totals, giving you more chances to win and raise the stakes for a hefty payout!


Our baccarat is one of the few versions you could see online. There are two sides to this game: the player and the banker. The objective is to get to number 9 as close as possible. But that’s just the basic rule; you’ll get more exposed to other possibilities as you play the game! A perennial favourite of Asian gamers, our website gives you the baccarat experience as though you were in your favourite gambling city!

And so much more!

No need to go to Las Vegas, or even Macau for the blackjack or casino experience! Through BetVision’s online gaming providers, every gaming possibility is just a click away. Watch out also for bonuses, rebates and prizes – both seasonal and regular—to be given in any of the games to add to your winnings. And while you’re here, grow your earnings through our online sports betting, for football, basketball, tennis, racing, hockey and any sport you could think of. Choose from thousands of odds and handicaps; there’s an abundance of winning results for everyone!

Secure and Responsible Gaming

We all know gaming can be lots of fun, but we also believe in responsible gaming. The thrills of betting, going all in and raising the stakes are all the better when you keep your calm and play responsibly. Here are just some of what BetVision can guarantee for you:

  1. Security – Information is crucial when doing transactions such as online gambling. With many people trying to take advantage of new users, we can expect that most of the time, this aspect is often overlooked. If we are looking for a trusted online casino, we should make sure that we are trying to check out all aspects of their business. Check testimonies and check the amount of security used, as well as the legitimacy of their chosen online casino.

      2. The Options – When it comes to the different array of options, many online gambling sites would state what they have to offer in terms of the games that they have. These can range from traditional tabletop games, card games, and new takes on old classics. A great online gaming casino can surely offer many from one up to many patrons, all at the same time.

      3. Promotions – A good online casino is always looking forward to providing the extra mile to its players, may they be new or old. A quick word of advice, the promotion feels or looks too good to be true, the chances of it being fake, is high! Remember to keep the vigilance, and always keep others in check as well!

Get your game on now with the many slot machines of BetVision, Asia’s best online games and casino site.

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