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Our world class providers — UG Gaming, WBET Gaming, Saba and Esports – all have easy to understand displays that will help you pick the sportsbook odds to bet on. You’ll find all the latest odds for big leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League and NBA to name a few. You can choose to place your bet on the early market or wait for the odds to update as the matches goes on. The more you bet through BetVision’s sportsbook providers, the more rewards you also get! You can get rebates and cashback as a result of your loyalty to the site.

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Sports betting is one of the world’s biggest betting industries, and a multimillion dollar one at that. Once prohibited along with many forms of gambling, pushing one’s luck on sport has gotten acceptance, as many people found it lucrative, and bookmakers were able to profit off of it. However, many people fall pray when they don’t have a concrete knowledge of how sports betting works. As a result, they foolishly lose money and lose out on a good strategy.

The most popular sport to bet on in the world is football or soccer. In fact, betting websites themselves sponsor the very clubs their supporters and followers use to bet on. Many other sports are also popular for betting, such as basketball, American football, rugby, cricket, hockey and boxing. With every sport open for any kind of betting, the possibilities are endless!

Here at BetVision, one of the most established online casino and sports betting sites, covers all of these sports and gives the chance for any sports enthusiast to receive rewards we have all prepared for you for sports betting here on our site. Know the facts, so that you may not fall prey to a bad bet. Watch as we explain how sports betting works, and how by offering this, we help bring gaming to you!

There are many different forms of sports betting and they all work differently. Many are curious as to how it all works. First of all, it begins with the bookmakers. Bookmakers or bookies determine the probability of a result happening. They do this through careful analysis of what happens in a match, past records, fitness, form and how many people may bet.


From there, the betting channels place the odds on their books or sites, and places a set amount of money to be won or lost during bets.


Sports betting usually occurs in any type of sport. However, the worldwide leagues and sporting events usually capture the bulk of bettors. Criteria on how bets are won or lost include:

  • The team that will win or lose
  • The margin by which a team will win or lose
  • The overall score, and if it goes above or below one’s bet.


When people lose on bets, the company collects a commission on the amount that was bet. The amount is called the vigorish, or vig for short.  The presence of the vig means that a bettor would pay a slightly higher amount to win the desired amount on betting. For example, to win $100 on -110 odds, you would need to bet $110. If the bet loses, the vig ($10) goes to the company.

While most betting companies have any sports odds other the sun, a few of them feature very prominently. Professional sports leagues that attract online sports betting include:

  • English Premier League (England soccer)
  • UEFA Champions League (European soccer)
  • La Liga (Spanish football)
  • NBA (American basketball)
  • MLB (American baseball)


The most popular World Sporting Events covered by betting companies and sites include :

  • FIFA World Cup (soccer)
  • UEFA Euro (soccer)
  • Olympics (all sports)
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Cricket World Cup


The popularity of such events can compel any gambler to try their luck and get a high payoff, especially when going for the underdog team. Some of the most experienced bettors already figured out, and through special programs by different websites, can grow their money even more!

A positive sign means that a side is at a disadvantage or is an underdog. Thus, the plus sign, or + means the number of money you will win if you bet a certain amount. A negative sign, with the sign known as -, would mean the side is an advantage, or the favourite. And since they are the favoured team, them winning would also get you a payout, but not as large for the

For example, if the odds of a team winning are at -100: when you bet $200, you would win $100, and this will result in your total winnings as $300. However, for odds at +200, if you bet $100, you win $200. And while the amount you get is the same, you will profit more as a bettor on the lesser amount.

Sports betting is legal when done in the proper context. In Asia, different countries have their own laws for betting. Generally, gambling is only legal when regulated by a body. Online gambling is generally prohibited among most countries.


In Singapore, for example, sports betting and online gambling is prohibited due to a law enacted in 2014, except for a few local operators. Even in Macau, Asia’s gambling capital, online gambling is deemed illegal. In China, sports betting is monopolised by the Chinese Sports Lottery; any violator will be tracked down by the authorities.

You make your money on sports betting depending on the odds. Bookmakers and betting channels display the odds, as well as the minimum and maximum amount that you could bet. Each website has different odds, as determined by their own panels of oddsmakers.

Typically going with the odds will safely get you money, but it is less of a profit that what you could get if the underdog wins the bet. However, doing this is risky and has less probability of happening. The best online betters are well-informed of these probabilities and are well versed on how to understand sports betting by following the team’s performances before making the bet, either by watching games, reading stats, and following their record throughout the season.

A point spread is an equaliser for sports betting, especially if both teams are unbalanced. For sports such as American football and basketball, where scoring is high, a sports betting format on point spread is employed to give bettors a chance to risk their money on both teams.

So, what does a negative point spread mean? It means that a team has to cover all those points in a game, so that a bettor on them could win. For example, in a game between Manchester City and Sheffield united, the point spread is at 3. Man City, being the stronger team, will be subtracted 3 points in advance, while Everton will have 3 points added to it. In order for a bettor on Man City to win, City would need to win by 3 points. For a bettor who picked Everton to win, the team either needs to win, or not lose the game by more than 3 points.

If the final score favours Man City 4-2, they only win by one and do not cover the spread of 3 points; Everton, however, will stay within the scoring spread, and bettors who predicted them to score within the spread of 3 points of the game to still get a payout.

The Asian Handicap is an example of goal spreading betting, which takes place in football or soccer. It evolved when someone was asked to come up with a name for the Hang Cheng betting style in Indonesia. This form of sports betting also grew early in the 21st century. It is also BetVision’s most common odds presentation, giving newbies a chance to win big on their soccer bets.

In this form of handicap betting, draw outcomes are eliminated, and bets are determined by not just who wins, lose, or draws, but also the actual outcome of points, or the scoreline. Handicaps can range between quarters of whole numbers (0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75), creating a scoring spread that can influence the outcome and payout for every bettor. The stakes are very high, that by a team winning just by a few points in a game won’t merit you a win; on the other hand, losing by a margin of 1 in a game can still enable you to win! This really changes the game on how to make money sports betting.

For example, what does +1.5 mean in sports betting? Let’s say you bet on a match Manchester United vs. Everton, with a 1.5 handicap on in favour of United. You feel lucky and bet on Everton, so with the handicap, the score becomes 0-1.5 Everton. At the end of the game, United wins on an actual scoreline of 4-3. With this result, the handicap scoreline becomes 4 – 4.5 (3+1.5= 4.5), so even if you lost on your bet, you are still the winner because your handicap was within the score spread! On the other hand, a bettor on United loses his bet, since his team has the lower score as a result of the handicap goal spread.

If you want a clearer idea of how Asian handicap works, here is a quick table guide for you:

While there are sports that you can handily predict the outcome, others are not as bet-friendly. On a larger consensus, the hardest sports to bet on are usually low-scoring ones, such as baseball and ice hockey. This is because of the unpredictability of such sports. These sports also make use of the moneyline form of betting or picking out from who will win or lose. Leagues such as America’s MLB and Japan’s pro league depend on the streakiness of players, the 100+ game season, and the like.

Soccer and basketball, on the other hand, are easier to bet on, thanks to the presence of superstars on the team, and world-class managers or coaches. Upsets are very hard to come by, putting the superior team at an advantage. So, to level the playing field, handicaps are employed for team-based betting, or total score betting such as the Over/Under betting format are more lucrative.

There are promos in sports betting? Yes, of course! Many betting companies offer promotions to encourage more participation from customers, giving them an incentive to frequent the site and try their luck. For example, in Asia, holidays such as the Lunar New Year are associated with luck; so, a plethora of promos can be expected at that time of year there. 


Furthermore, you can redeem promos such as welcome bonuses on first deposits, as well as rebates as a reward for using the service as much as possible. Other promos include referrals from friends, and bonuses from signups from different channels such as mobile apps.

One of the longstanding questions regarding sports betting is if it could be profitable. Just as much as a person has a lot to gain from a winning bet, they could also lose if it is unsuccessful. Many gamblers have faced the dilemma of losing money right after they’ve won, because they’ve spread themselves too thin in their bets, or have gotten carried away in their betting. So, the question is, is sports betting profitable? Find out more as we go along

How to Get a Good Return in Sports Betting

If a sports bettor wins more than they lose, and if the amounts experience growth more than loss, their wagering practice is profitable. However, getting to this point is tricky, as upsets in sports are always bound to happen, and these could affect your earning trend. Before you invest heavily in sports betting, you need to be clear on what you hope to achieve, specifically your projected return on investment (ROI).

The ROI will determine whether your sports betting venture is profitable or not. Usually, bettors describe a profitable margin as making a little more than 50% of your bets. It isn’t easy at first, but this should be your main task when you want to turn in a profit in sports betting.Start out with a small bankroll and deposit into a sportsbook

Start out with a small bankroll and deposit into a sportsbook

The first step in sports betting is starting out with a small bankroll. By doing so, you will be able to reduce your risk of losing money on bad bets. It may be slow at first, but it will effectively guide you as you try to establish yourself in online gambling. Once you’ve built up a fairly bigger amount, you can slowly take more chances and increase your threshold for betting.

Be an insider on stats

There are endless sports stats to get into, and these could help you in your betting so that you could make money doing so. Try to see how these stats could apply to your eventual prediction when you bet. Check daily updates for lineup changes in your team, their performance over a period of time, injuries and suspensions of key players and similar stats. Don’t bet on something just because it goes against the stats, and it could promise a higher value in earnings. If so, you will be disappointed if your selection does not end up happening, and it will be harder for you to regain the amount.

Scout your odds diligently

Now that you have made up your mind on the bet, you just have to go over the available odds and select the sportsbook that gives the best options for your betting money. Check out the different paylines. Once you have decided on the most probable outcome, compare the values available to you, and ask yourself if the payout (odds*the wager) is enough to merit your bet.

However, don’t just pick the one that has the highest value—pick the one that is more likely to happen. In that way, you don’t lose a significant amount of money betting on a hunch if ever you lose; and you can still keep the money rolling in no matter how small It may be.

Betting Wisely is Key

Receiving over 50% of your total bets won’t happen overnight. Just like a personal business, it will take time to regain your capital and turn in a profit from sports betting. Be ready to get down and dirty, and read up on sports trends, follow betting blogs for tips and follow the leagues you bet on enough so that you can be armed with bets that could give you a profit in the long run.

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Are you still wondering, is sport betting profitable? It can be, if you have the right strategy and have the best channels with secure technology and complete odds to bet on!

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We cater sports betting options including Asian handicap, Over-Under betting, 1×2 and other high stake options that allow you to profit from your favourite sport.  Whatever sports you decide to bet on, make sure you are well-informed and know what is at stake. Want to try your luck at other online gambling options? You can turn to our casino, slot games and fishing games for casual and great opportunities to grow your money. All of our providers are of the highest quality, and transactions are all secure, ensuring you of the best possible experience in gaming that an online company can offer.

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